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We have created four packages for you to choose from, giving you complete flexibility and choice in how much you want to invest

All of our training sessions are targeted towards high street retail agents, tour operator call centres and consolidators.

Thanks to our combined experience in the industry, we have access to all of the major players and all of the small independent agencies across the UK and Ireland. 

Our packages have been designed to provide you with endless opportunities.

There are thousands of contact (Call ) centres and retail stores in the UK which we have access to making it easier than ever to grow awareness of your business. 

How does it work?

Email us to discuss your requirement. the team will work on a proposal for you and then we confirm the training contract with you.


We will ask you for a list of preferred partners that you want to work closer with in the UK, then we will  contact them directly to explore the training possibilities they have on offer*


We strongly believe that in order to sell a product effectively, you need to have experienced it PERSONALLY. 

which is why, once you’ve received your confirmation letter, one of our experienced team will be in touch with you to arrange a visit to your hotel / resort. 

This provides them with real insight into the benefits of your product and will provide them with key training points which they will then share with the agents. 


Whilst in resort, we will start working on your bespoke training presentation by collating key notes and selling points that we believe will be of benefit to the agents in UK and Irish market.


On our return, we will finalise the full training presentation which will be inclusive of 'insider knowledge' and 'hints & tips', which will then be  shared with youfor sign off before we use them.

The presentation will be created in the Unique Training Collection format, as we have the knowledge on what agents do/don’t like to see.

But don’t worry, your logo and branding will be clearly visible throughout the presentation. 


ONce the full training presentation has been finalised, Training will then take place within a 6 month period from returning from the site visit. 

Once we have confirmed the training dates, we will let you know so you can then track any bookings made from partners straight away.

From our experience you often see a spike in bookings after a training session has been conducted, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

Any sessions left over from the 6 month period, can be banked and used during the next 6 months.

Sessions booked in are valid for a year from the date of the product visit.


Depending on the format of the session, we will also arrange for Factsheets, staff incentives and gifts to be given to attendees. This can either form part of the training session or can be something that we use as a follow up activity post the training session. 


After the training sessions we will send you a report with pictures and any feedback on the hotel and sales in general we have received during the session along with any relevant contact details for the people we saw during the sessions.


Each of our four packages include expenses to and from the venue.

WIth this in mind, it is IMPORTANT to make sure you select the package that you believe would provide you with the best ROI. 


Each partner will be added to our partnerS page, where you will be seen by 1000’S OF AGENTS WHO CAN SEE YOUR PROPERTY AND CONSIDER TO SELL IT TO THIER CLIENTS. 

Why Should you use us?


Competition is fierce; get ahead of the game and stay remembered

increase awareness of the hotel

Up to date
product knowledge

update on new developments at the hotel

Our packages


our four packages provide you with the flexibility and allows you to pick a package that completely suits your needs from both a price and service perspective. 

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Prices are available on request.

Of course, if there are any additional services you would like included in your package, please let us know and we will work with you to create a tailor made package that completely suits your needs. 

to discuss our packages and enquires on pricing, please contact us at or complete our contact form here

Looking for help with Sales Calls?

Get in contact, as We are more than happy to help arrange with the arrangements  with a number of Tour Operators in the market and escort you on dedicated sales calls.

Please email us for further details and prices.